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Stained Glass Windows Project
for First Congregational Church of Kenosha, Wisconsin

FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH of Kenosha, Wisconsin already had two original Tiffany church windows. What they were looking for was a new stained glass window for the church created in the "Tiffany" style, to be installed in the same nave as their originals. So our challenge was to design and create new window that would hold up, both in design and execution, next to two significant quality original stained glass windows by Louis Tiffany and Company.

Our designers carefully studied the Tiffany windows and took our style clues for the background and figures from the existing work. We designed their stained glass windows with two angels that would stand guard over First Congregational Church, with a laurel wreath of victory (a symbol of having achieved salvation) surrounding the music of the heavenly host. We submitted our proposal renderings and the church selected and approved our "Angels" design concept.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to restore many Tiffany glass windows over the years. We know that one of the most magical aspects of a Tiffany stained glass windows is the quality of the glass that is often layered from three to seven plates of stained glass thick. We identified several areas in the two original Tiffany stained glass windows
that have four to five plates thick.

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